The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV), in conjunction with Ms. Magazine, started this project in 1994 to create a national registry of names to increase public awareness of domestic violence deaths. Since then, NCADV has continued to collect information on incidents of victims who have been killed by an intimate partner and produces a poster each year for Domestic Violence Awareness Month listing the names of those submitted. We are hoping to create as complete a registry as possible of women, children and men who have lost their lives due to domestic violence. If you know of a woman or man who was killed due to domestic violence, please complete the form found via the link below and attach additional documentation available (newspaper clippings, police report, court records, etc.).

ATTENTION: Due to the large number of submissions we receive for this project, we ask that you restrict your submittal to this form only. While we honor each victim’s story and struggle, we do not have the resources to review or respond to them. Please submit your form for inclusion on the current year’s Remember My Name poster by May 1st. Thank you.


Click here to submit a name for the Remember My Name project electronically.