The Gun Violence Memorial Project is an exhibition memorializing the memories of the 700 hundred Americans who lose their lives to gun violence every week, including those who are murdered by intimate partners. The exhibition comprises four houses built of 700 glass bricks each. Each brick honors the memory of someone who lost their life to gun violence and contains a remembrance object provided by their loved ones. Each brick also displays the honoree’s name, birth year, and year of death. More information about the Gun Violence Memorial Project and about remembrance objects can be found at
The Gun Violence Memorial Project is a traveling exhibition and will open in April in the National Building Museum in Washington, DC. The designers are seeking remembrance objects to include in the exhibition. Remembrance objects can either be loaned or gifted to the exhibition. If an object is loaned, it will be returned once the DC exhibition has ended. If an object is gifted, it will remain a permanent part of the exhibition.
If you have lost a loved one to gun violence committed by an intimate partner, please consider honoring their memory by loaning or gifting a remembrance object to the Gun Violence Memorial Project. More information about to contribute a remembrance object can be found here. Remembrance objects contributed by mail must be sent by March 31, 2020. Assistance with postage costs is available upon request by emailing